Football is simply the most loved game around the globe and is often considered as the religion with the highest number of followers. Even though a vast majority of these followers follow each and every major football tournament and football league in the world, they do not test their football expertise by partaking in football betting.

Why do it and how to do it:

  • Many ardent football fans support their club whole heartedly for their entire life. But, Football betting can add some spice to this boring routine as fans can bet in neutral matches and back the stronger team.
  • Also, if your team has hit a bad patch, winning some money by betting on opposition would certainly act as a consolation.
  • The most advanced and safest way to be involved with betting in football is online betting. There are multiple online sports books and they run bets on top league games around the world and offer huge variety of bets that too all round the year.
  • You only need to set up an online account which is a matter of minutes, and you have instant access to the football betting markets.

Here is a list of some of the football betting options that are immensely popular:

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1. Match betting

  • It is the simplest and the easiest type of football betting.  In this, betting is done regarding the result of a match.
  • You can either bet on a team winning it, or the match ending as a draw. Teams are generally labeled as home and away teams.
  • While involved in a match betting, a handicap bet can also be voted upon. A handicap bet gives the team you choose a single goal disadvantage or advantage before the starting of the game.
  • Then you bet on the result of the match as per any normal match bet.

2. Score betting

  • It includes a vast array of betting options. Most simple is the prediction of the final score line of the match. This type of betting is characterized by very high odds.
  • It also includes the option to bet on the goal scorer in the match. These bets also carry very high odds and have several varieties which include anytime goal scorer, last goal scorer, and first goal scorer among others.

3. Special bets

  • Every football game carries a vast array of additional betting opportunities, and Special bets include all such opportunities.
  • In the game of football, every aspect of the game is betted upon, ranging from ball possession to number of corners and others as well. These bets are characterized by the highest odds in the betting arena.

4. Tournament betting

    • If you enjoy betting in a series of matches, you would like tournament betting.
    • In this, the betting opportunities include from betting upon the tournament winner to picking the side which scores the most goals, or the side with tops the group or pool.
    • The limits to the opportunities in Tournament betting are only set by the imagination of the bookmaker.